Classroom Edition Word Study Apps

Spelling instruction is often skipped because it seems daunting or too time consuming. But spelling and reading are highly related! For the majority of children, taking time to stop and analyze words and how they are built around similar phonics patterns and features is key to helping kids take off in their reading.

Teacher & Student Edition Word Study Apps

Word study, a widely research ­based spelling approach, is highly effective for teaching spelling patterns because it is developmentally appropriate and hands­-on. Teachers and homeschooling parents know how challenging it can be to juggle multiple kids for spelling instruction and activities. The Teacher and Student Edition Apps for Word Study helps you do all these things…and MORE!

Not only are the activities in the Teacher and Student Apps based on the developmental approach of Word Study, but teachers and homeschooling parents will be able to:

  • Set up specific sorts and save sorts for each child in the home/classroom
  • Set up blind sorts, silent sorts, timed sorts, and assessments to help monitor child progress
  • Closely monitor child progress and understanding of phonics features
  • Modify the app specifically for each child, based on their understanding of word knowledge

Kids Safe, No Adds or In­-App purchases!


  • AppsForWordStudy_v01aWe take privacy very seriously:
  • Does not contain ads
  • Does not contain integration with social networks
  • Does not use analytics / data collection tools
  • Does not contain in­-app purchases
  • Does contain web links for parents


Teacher Edition Screenshots



Student Edition Screenshots



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