How many hours do mobile app developers work?

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How Many Hours Do Mobile App Developers Work?

Mobile app development is a booming industry, thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablet devices. As technology advances, more people are turning to mobile apps for entertainment, communication, and even business purposes. But how much time does it take to create these amazing apps? How many hours do mobile app developers work?

In this article, we’ll explore the amount of time it takes to develop a mobile app from start to finish. We’ll discuss the various stages of the app development process, as well as how long each stage typically takes. Finally, we’ll answer our original question: How many hours do mobile app developers work on average?

The App Development Process

The process of developing an app can be broken down into several distinct stages. Each stage has its own requirements and will take different amounts of time depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

The first step in any mobile app development project is usually ideation and concepting. During this phase, developers will brainstorm ideas and map out how they want their product to look and function. This part of the process usually lasts anywhere from two weeks up to several months if there are complex features or processes that need designing or coding.

Once an idea has been fully fleshed out, it’s time for wireframing and prototyping. This involves creating a visual representation of what the final product will look like so that designers can make sure all elements are in place before coding begins. This phase can take anywhere from one week up to several weeks depending on how detailed the wireframes need to be and how quickly decisions about design can be made.

After wireframing comes user experience (UX) design which involves refining the user interface (UI) elements such as buttons, menus, icons etc., ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use for users. UX design also includes testing with real users in order to make sure everything works as intended before coding begins – this part typically takes two weeks up to two months depending on changes requested by users during testing sessions.

Coding The App

Once all designs have been finalized it’s time for coding! Depending on which platform you are targeting (iOS or Android), coders will begin writing code using either Objective-C/Swift or Java/Kotlin respectively in order to bring your vision into reality – this stage usually lasts anywhere from four up to eight weeks depending on complexity again! After this initial coding period is complete testers will start bug testing your product in order identify any issues with usability or performance before launch day arrives!

Launching The App

Finally we arrive at launch day – when your hard work finally pays off! Before pushing your product live you will need submit it through Apple’s review process as well as Google Play if you’re targeting both platforms – this part generally takes around three days after submission but may take longer due unexpected delays caused by reviews being backed-up over busy periods such as Christmas/New Year’s etc..

So How Many Hours Do Mobile App Developers Work On Average?

Now that we have explored each step involved in developing a mobile application let’s revisit our original question: How many hours do mobile app developers work per project? Well unfortunately there isn’t one definitive answer since projects vary greatly in terms of complexity but generally speaking most experienced developers spend between 200 – 400 hours working on an average sized application spread across all stages outlined above including ideation/concepting ,wireframing/prototyping , UX design & coding . Although it may seem like a lot once launch day rolls around you’ll be glad you put in those extra hours since that’s when all your hard work finally pays off !


Developing a successful mobile application requires patience , dedication & countless hours spent planning , designing & ultimately coding . In total most experienced developers spend between 200-400+hours working on an average sized application – though larger projects may require more time depending upon their complexity . Hopefully now that you know more about what goes into creating an amazing piece software you’ll be better prepared tackling your next project !

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